A visit with an IBCLC

What happens at a consult with me

Visits usually last around an hour and a half

Please don’t feed your baby within an hour or so before our visit.

When you scheule a visit with me, we set up a tentative time. Because I travel to you, and I may be coming from a previous consult which could be far away from your home, I want to stay in touch with you about your baby’s feeding time. I try to be at your home about and hour and a half to two hours after a previous feeding.

I need to see a full feeding, from start to finish. Please keep that in mind when we schedule and as you go through your day.

Here’s how a typical visit goes:

  • Chat about medical histery and this labor and birth
  • Weight Baby and quick oral exam
  • Quick assessment of Mom’s breasts for any challenges
  • Get Baby latched and assess for transfer and Mom’s comfort
  • Engage the use of any tools to help Baby transfer milk more effectively and efficiently and comfortably
  • We can talk about pumping and how to fit it into your schedule
  • We talk about any other concerns you might have and disavow you of any myths you might have heard.