Families I have worked with…

The best and most real testimonials come from the clients I have been priviliged to work with. You can see a few of them below. You can also take a look at all the 5-star reviews on Google or on Yelp.

“Absolutely amazing! At four days post-partum, when my milk supply was coming in, my daughter was not latching on or eating…it was one of the roughest nights my husband and I ever had. I got in touch with Sima that day, she came over that evening, and we haven’t had any issues with latching ever since!! The amount of relief that she brought was priceless. I’m still having some concerns over my supply, so I’ve stayed in contact with Sima via text; she is always responsive and willing to help. I would 100% recommend her!” – LM, MI

“Sima Leah is amazing! I turned to her at a vulnerable time in my life after a bad experience with a local lactation consultant. I was at the point of giving up breastfeeding. Then I remembered how patient and helpful Sima Leah had been when I first met her after the birth of my first child, and I decided to email her. She responded to each email, patiently giving her suggestions and thoughts. She was encouraging and sensitive. Even from abroad she guided me with techniques that helped me persevere in a challenging situation. She is both kind and professional.” -CS, Australia

“I was honored to have Sima Leah Duato as my doula, my delivery with her was amazing compared to being with a midwife alone she heard me, was there for me and continued after to be there for me. When you’re in pain you can’t represent yourself she did that for me all I had to do was concentrate on my delivery of my baby, I suffer from bad delivery past experiences where midwives pushed for their convenience for me to have the baby early so they can have Easter vacation. Epidural so they could go home and I should have the baby already. One even sent me home telling me I wasn’t going to have the baby right now, but I had to be rushed to the hospital later, and they found that I was missing water, and that baby was born with birth defects. When a midwife pushes you to have epidurals, it’s time to bring in the doula. The best is Sima Leah to this day, the baby that she was my doula with was the best delivery I’ve ever had. The pain in my legs, she massaged away. If I had pain in my back, she was there for me. The point is she was there for ME.”-DL, NY